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Here’s to 2018!

Happy New Year, friends! It seemed as if 2017 would never end, but here we are. I’m not quite sure how I made it here, to be honest. 2017 almost seems like a really long, really terrible nightmare. But we made it. In the words of K-Dot (that’s Kendrick Lamar for all you fake [news!] fans) we gone be aight.

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Now since we’ve made it to a new year, let me get this goal and resolution post out the way. When I sat down to do these, the very first thing that came to mind was “why am I doing this?” Why would I sit here and come up with a whole new set of goals to barely complete/accomplish by 2019? And while that question did not stop me from listing out the changes I wanted to make in life, it definitely shaped my thoughts going into goal setting. This year I wanted a word; something that would get me up in the morning, keep me going throughout the day, and help me feel like I accomplished something by the time my head hit the pillow at night. That word was perseverance. I picked others but that one stuck out after a conversation with one of my favorite mentors.


In 2018, perseverance through each day is the minimum. If I learned anything in 2017, it was that life will keep moving, with or without you. Everything will not happen right when you expect it and the ability to get through those tough times, regardless of the situation, is a major key *Khalid voice*. So! A new year, new month, new week, and a new day. A perfect time to reset and start these next 12 months off right.

Personal Goals

Save. Save. Save.

Last year, I wanted to improve my credit score which meant paying my student loans and other cards regularly. Checked that off. For those who don’t know I improved my credit score by 150+ points in one year (post coming soon)! Proud is an understatement. This year is all about saving. I want to save at least 6k this year for my emergency fund. I plan to use Cinch to help me with my financial goals this year! Savings challenge anyone?!?!

Stay in the Gym.

Yep, you read that right. Go to the gym every month without skipping a month. I know exactly what you’re saying. “Month? Reeaalllyyy” Yes. I’m saying ‘month’ because I know its something I can stick to, if I said every week I’d almost be kidding myself but, maybe it will change? Anywho, sounds simple right? Maybe for you but, its a no for me dawg.

I *used to be* (we’re speaking things into existence #in2018) one of those people who would only go to the gym when I have something special coming up and every year I’d make a goal that was along the lines of “I’ll lose 10 pounds!” or “I’ll get abs!” have those things happened? Nope. Will they? Eventually, but I know that if I can commit to going to the gym every month they will happen.

Health is Wealth.

This year I want to focus on my mental health just as much as my physical health. More meditating and self-care in 2018. Period. I let things get away from me last year and I wasn’t nearly as focused as I should’ve been (within good reason, of course, the loss of three family members in less than a month and terrible daily environments will do that to you). So this year is all about getting back on track, I am reclaiming my time and my mind all 2018.

Blog Goals

Write and publish (at least) one post per week.

So full disclosure, I actually get really nervous before I publish anything haha. It’s not that I don’t write, I don’t publish enough of what I write and it is usually because I am scared of what people will think. So I am committing to writing and publishing at least one blog post per week.


In 2017, as a brand new blogger,  I was featured in my first podcast episode with Chris of Popcorn Finance. When I tell you that was nothing but God and the universe pointing me in the right direction, look sis [or bro!]. From that point, my mentor and Chris (and many others from FinCon) have pushed me and motivated me to go hard in 2018. Being featured in that one podcast helped me realize how important it is to collaborate. (Thanks, Chris!)

Grow traffic.

I want to grow my blog, IG, Twitter, and FB following. Das it! So if you’re reading this, share a post, follow my social, and sign-up for my to-be newsletter.

Speaking of growing… I saw someone was in need of a planner the other day and I thought what better time to giveaway a Passion Planner than the beginning of the year. So, here’s to all the late planners who are passionate about something! To enter on IG, follow my IG [@whenthemoneysgood], like the ‘Passion Planner Giveaway’ post, and tag a friend! To enter using Twitter, follow my Twitter [@whenmoneysgood], like the Passion Planner Giveaway (pinned) post, and retweet. Lastly, to enter using Facebook, like the post and follow/like the When the Money’s Good page! *Giveaway has ended, click here to purchase a Passion Planner of your own!*

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What is your word or are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments or @whenmoneysgood on Twitter!

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