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Baby Steps. Really Big Baby Steps.

Very first post…first blog…baby step…here it goes…

I always wanted to be great, but I sometimes felt as if I never really knew how. Finding my purpose in life has been – and is still – a journey, but I’m starting to get ideas of what I want to do and how I want to do it. I’ve always LOVED money *insert flying dollars emoji here* but who doesn’t? Everyone wants to “be rich”, have lavish things, impress their friends, and provide for mama n’em (Mommy and the family). However, that isn’t why I love money; I love money because of what you can do with it – which is just a long way of saying I love math, accounting, and finance. When I was in high school I was determined to be a lawyer but, that required a lot of reading and writing skills that I just DID NOT enjoy. But MATH, math was fun, math was intriguing, math was AWESOME and necessary for things like budgeting and shopping! Fast-forward to college, I decided to go to school for business – business management to be exact which later changed to business administration. So fast-forward to now, I have my MBA, work for a great company – actually using some of my degree, and I live in a completely different city than I anticipated. So yeah, sounds good right?

No. I’m broke. Like living paycheck to paycheck broke. Like I have just enough money for rent and ramen type broke. Okay okay, that’s a stretch. But still, ya girl is struggling over here. Which brings me to the reason for this blog; I want to include others on my journey of fiscal fitness and wealth and include a few other stories along the way. By no means is this a step by step guide on what to do and how to do it… more like a ‘let’s try this together and see if it works’ haha. But hopefully one day it’ll turn into something great that I can be very proud of :). Soooo let’s go! take the next step…!

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